Class Structure

Badge Class

All badge class children work through the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards working from badge 8 to badge 1, once they have passed badge 1 they will move into the advanced class. To pass these badges the gymnasts are assesed on 6 out of 10 moves from the badge sheets, once they are able to perform these moves they have then passsed their badge.

Advanced Class

In the advanced class the gymnasts will work through the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards bronze, silver and gold. The gymnasts again have to pass 6 out 10 moves from each badge to pass their badges. We encourage the children to work all 10 moves on the badges to ensure they are working to their best ability.


All gymnasts are assessed every week on their badges. The coaches will send children home with a slip to say when they have passed the badge, badges can be purchased on reception at a cost of £3.00 for badge and certificates 8-2 and bronze, silver and gold, and £6.50 for badge and certificate 1 as this badge comes with a medal.

Squad Classes

All our squads are preparing and working towards competitive gymnastics either on the Regional, National or Elite path depending on age and ability.

Squad classes are on an invite only basis, if your daughter shows potential, head coach will invite your daughter for a trial in a specific squad group which will best suit her age and abilty.

Competition Structure

The gymnasts do one level of competition with their voluntary moves in and one grading competition which has set moves to be performed and one team competition per year.

Age Levels
Age 7+ Regional Level 6
Age 8+ Regional Level 5
Age 9+ Regional Level 4 in age May Qualify for
Level 4 National finals
Age 10+ Regional Level 4 out of age
Age 10 Regional Level 3 in age May Qualify for
Level 3 National finals
Age 11+ Regional Level 3 out of age
Age 11 National Level 2 in age (no regional competition)
Age 12+ National Level 2 out of age
Age 11-14 Regional FIG Junior
Age 12/13 National Junior challenge
Age 14/15 National Junior challenge cup
Age 15+ Regional FIG Senior
Age 16+ National Junior challenge cup
Age Regional Grades
Age 8+ Regional Grade 6
Age 9+ Regional Grade 5
Age 10+ Regional Grade 4
Age 10+ Regional Grade 3
Age 10+ Regional Grade 2
Age 10+ Regional Grade 1
Age National Grades
Age 10+ National Grade 4 May Qualify for
National Grade 4 Finals
Age 11+ National Grade 3 May Qualify for
National Grade 3 Finals
Age 12+ National Grade 2 May Qualify for
National Grade 2 Finals
Age 13+ National Grade 1 May Qualify for
National Grade 1 Finals
Age Compulsory Grades
Age 8 Compulsory Grade 5 in age
Age 9 Compulsory Grade 4 In age May Qualify for
Compulsory 4 national final
Age 10 Compulsory Grade 3 in age May Qualify for
Compulsory 3 national final
Age 11 Compulsory Grade 2 in age May Qualify for
Age 12/13 Espoir Bristish Championships
Age 12 Compulsory Grade 2 out of age May Qualify for
Age 14/15 Junior British Championships
May Qualify for
Age 16+ Senior British Championships

Guildines Grades and Levels
Age 8 Compulsory 5
Level 5
Age 9 Compulsory 4
Level 4 in/out
Age 10+ Compulsory 3
Level 3 in/out
Age 10+ National 4
Level 4+

Guildine    Only
Age 8 Regional 6/5
Level 7
Age 10+ Regional 4
Level 6
Age 10+ Regional 3
Level 5
Age 10+ Regional 2
Level 4+  

Level  Pass Mark
Level 7 46.00  Must move to Level 6
Level 6 46.50  Must move to Level 5
Level 5  45.00  Must move to Level 4
Level 4 45.00 Must move to Level 3
Level 3 46.00 Must move to Level 2
Compulsory 4 50.00/ 59.00                                                                                                             
Compulsory 3 50.00/ 56.00  
Compulsory 2  53.00  
Compulosry 1 54.00