Competition Calendar

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Date Event Venue Scoresheet
2017-12-09Level 6 & 5 TeamsCatterick Leisure CentreDownload File
2017-12-01British Championships EspoirSurrey Sports Park, GuildfordDownload File
2017-11-18Level 7 & 4-FIG Teams Catterick Leisure CentreDownload File
2017-11-04Voluntary Age group championships 4,3,2GuildfordDownload File
2017-10-13Espoir, Junior, Senior Challenge cupTBCDownload File
2017-10-13Bill Mcloughlin Team ChampsTBCDownload File
2017-09-30National Compulsory 2 & 1 QualifierLilleshall National Sport CentreDownload File
2017-09-16Adrian Stan Team ChampsSurrey Sports Park, GuildfordDownload File
2017-09-09Level 4,3,2 individual In ageAspire, HullDownload File
2017-07-15Level 7 & 4-FIG individual out of ageConcord Leisure CentreDownload File
2017-07-01Level 6 & 5 IndividualConcord Leisure CentreDownload File
2017-05-20National NDP Grades 4,3,2,1Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2017-04-29National Compulsory 4,3,2,1Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2017-03-23British ChampionshipsEcho Arena, LiverpoolDownload File
2017-03-18NDP Grades 4-1, Regional Grades 4-1 and Compulsory Grades 5-1Concord Leisure CentreDownload File
2017-02-11Club Grade 6 & 5Catterick Leisure CentreDownload File
2016-11-19Bill Slater Team ChampoinshipsGloucesterDownload File
2016-11-04Voluntary Age Groups Championships 4,3,2TBCDownload File
2016-10-15Level 7 and 5 Ind and TeamConcord Leisure CentreDownload File
2016-09-30Pink Ladies InvitiationalSouth DurhamDownload File
2016-09-24Level 6 and 4-FIG IND and TeamConcord Leisure CentreDownload File
2016-05-21National Grades 4,3,2,1 (finals)Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2016-05-07National Compulsory Grades 4 and 3Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2016-04-16Compulsory Grades 5,4,3, National 4,3,1 and Regional 4,3,2Concord Leisure CentreDownload File
2016-02-28Miss QuatroLiverpoolDownload File
2016-02-20Club Grades 6 and 5CatterickDownload File
2015-11-22Level 5 Individual and TeamCatterickDownload File
2015-11-15Voluntary Age Groups Championships 4,3,2Guildford SpectrumDownload File
2015-11-01Level 4 and FIG Individual and TeamsCatterickDownload File
2015-10-31Level 6 Individual and TeamCatterickDownload File
2015-10-10Pink Ladies InvitiationalSpennymoor Leisure CentreDownload File
2015-09-19Bill Slater Team ChampoinshipsFenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2015-05-10National Grades 4,3,2,1 (finals)Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2015-04-26National Compulsory Grades 4 and 3Fenton Manor, StokeDownload File
2015-04-12Compulsory Grades 5,4,3,2,1CatterickDownload File
2015-04-12Club Grades 6 and 5CatterickDownload File
2015-03-22National Grades 4,3,2,1 and Regional 2,1CatterickDownload File
2015-03-21Regional Grades 4 and 3CatterickDownload File
2015-03-01Miss Alpha Factor, Nat 4,2, Reg 3,2.City of Newcastle GymnasticsDownload File
2015-02-28Miss Alpha Factor, Compulsory 5,4,3. Reg 6,5,4City of Newcastle GymnasticsDownload File
2014-11-29Teams 7/6HuddersfieldDownload File
2014-11-22Teams 5/4/3/2/FIGCatterickDownload File
2014-11-01Vol Age Groups 4/3/ & Championships2GuildfordDownload File
2014-09-275/4/3/2 in & out of age FIGCatterickDownload File
2014-09-13Bill SlaterFenton ManorDownload File
2014-07-06Rotherham Invitational CompeitionRotherham Gymnastics ClubDownload File
2014-06-21Espoir/Junior/Senior Challenge CupGuildfordDownload File
2014-06-15L7 & L6 Individual (Sub Regional)HuddersfieldDownload File
2014-05-17National grades 8-5 National FinalsBirminghamDownload File
2014-05-03Compulsory 4 & 3 National FinalsBirminghamDownload File
2014-04-06Comp 5, 4 & 3, National 8/7/6/5 & Reg 12CattrickDownload File
2014-02-2214,13,11,10,& 9 GradesCattrickDownload File
2013-12-01Yorkshire Level 6 Teams BarnsleyDownload File
2013-11-02National Age groups Championships GuildfordDownload File
2013-10-20Yorkshire level 5 TeamsBarnsleyDownload File
2013-09-22Level 3 In Age + out of age Ind and FIG Ind, YorkDownload File
2013-07-14Yorkshire level 6 FinalsBarnsleyDownload File
2013-07-07Yorkshire level 4 individual DiamondsDownload File
2013-06-16South Yorkshire Level 6 individual BarnsleyDownload File
2013-06-09Yorkshire Level 5 individual YorkDownload File
2013-04-21National club grade 8-5 championshipsBirminghamDownload File
2013-03-16Regional Grade 14 and 13Boston SpaDownload File
2013-03-10Regional grades 11-9 DiamondsDownload File
2013-02-24National Grades 8-5 DiamondsDownload File
2013-02-12Regional Grade 12 YorkDownload File