The Workshop Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Sheffield Workshop Gymnastics Club recognises the duties it has under health and safety acts and regulations to ensure the safety health and well being of gymnasts, coaches and helpers when they are involved in club business.

In particular it recognises its responsibilities to;-

Provide a safe and healthy training and competition environment for gymnasts and coaches through assessing the risks associated with participation and controlling them to ensure they are minimised. Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place in the event of accident, fire or other incident. Ensure the coaches and helpers have the appropriate gymnastic coaching training and that they follow the BG guidelines for the protection of children and vulnerable young adults and are suitably trained in child protection and Health, Safety and welfare issues.

Keep the arrangements under review and introducing additional measures considered necessary and are reasonably practicable in relation to the operation of the clubs business

The club also has adopted the British Gymnastics Policies relating to;-

Equal Opportunities
Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Child Protection Policy
All coaches and participants are expected to adhere to these policies at all times
Staff are also required to follow accepted, good, safe coaching practice at all times

The Sheffield Workshop as a zero tolerance level of poor practice, bullying or any potential form of abuse


Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the clubs premises (other than outside the building).

Children left unattended at the end of the class

Please note it is our policy to try and contact the parents to collect them, we shall then try the emergency number and should we be unsuccessful we shall contact the police to collect them

Complaints and grievance procedures

As a club affiliated to British Gymnastics the club is bound by the BG Procedures for complaints, disciplinary issues and Membership suspensions and expulsions.

The club places the welfare and saftey of its members as the higest prioroity.

The club has a designated Health Welfare and Safety Officer LOUISA GIBLIN to whom all complaints, grievances and suspicions of poor practice should be addressed. Matters will be dealt with confidentially and only those who need to know will be informed.

The British Gymnastics procedures for dealing with complaints will be followed and if an issue cannot be suitably addressed at club level, the British Gymnastics procedures will be implemented. A copy of the British Gymnastics Complaints Procedure and the Policy for Protection of Children and vulnerable adults is available from PAULA BELTON