Thu, 01st January By Claire richardson

Very well done to the 12 girls entered into the Rotherham Invitational last weekend. All girls entered at level D (almost equivalent to BG level 5) and brought home an impressive 10 individual medals and 4 overall medals. The invitational was a chance to show off some amazing new moves and for the girls to gain experience and confidence competing at a higher level. Congratulations to our youngest entrants in the under 8 group - all of them medalled! Well done girls.  Ni ...Read More


Thu, 01st January By Claire richardson

What a fantastic effort our gymnasts made at the South Yorkshire Level 6 Competition in Huddersfield last weekend! Twenty-two girls, aged 7-12, from Workshop made the trip and between them bagged 10 All Around medals and a whopping 40 medals/placings* for individual pieces. It doesn’t get much better than that!

This is a reflection of the hard work and dedication shown by these young girls and their coaches. It was bad luck for Lola Pritchard 5th (age 8), Liesl Saw ...Read More


Thu, 01st January By Claire richardson

Fantastic news! Following this year’s Grades competitions in Catterick, and nominations from the club, 8 Workshop gymnasts have been selected to join the Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Squad this year and another has a trial in the near future.

Yorkshire Junior Squad

Isabella Fletcher, Harmonie Foster, Fariyah Mortley, Jessica Rodgers and Naimh Selby (Claire’s squad) have be ...Read More

Compulsory, National and Regional Grades 2014

Thu, 01st January By Claire richardson

Eighteen gymnasts from Sheffield Workshop made their way to Catterick on the 6th of April 2014 to compete in the annual Regional (12), National and Compulsory grades competition. All 18 girls passed – hooray – so a big “well done” to the gymnasts and their coaches for all their hard work.

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Grades 14, 13 11 and 10

Thu, 01st January By Claire richardson

Congratulations to all the girls who entered and passed their Regional Grades at the weekend.

We had a whopping total of 17 girls taking grades 14, 13, 11 & 10 and EVERYONE PASSED with a fantastic 4 distinctions at Grade 14 and 3 distinctions at Grade 11, and well done to Bridie Moroney who placed overall second in the grade 11 competition.

Sheffield Workshop girls ...Read More